The 4 words all principals want to hear… (307:365)



What are the 4 words that all principals want to hear? “I love my class.” It is also very special to hear that at this point of the year. To me, it shows that routines, trust, and collaboration have been established.

How do you end up loving your class? As I stated early it shows that you have established a few important things. Chances are you know what your students are passion about, you can motivate them and they motivate you. When it is time to learn something new, both the class and the teacher charge in together.


So what if you don’t love your class anymore? It is still early enough to get them back. I would suggest that you start over. Take some time to re-establish norms, expectations, and trust. Be sure to reintroduce yourself to them, and learn more about what makes them tick. Let them show you what they know. Don’t give up. They are depending on you…


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