5 DANGEROUS things you should let your children do! (309:365)

source: flickrhivemind.net

source: flickrhivemind.net

I watched this TEDx video and I absolutely loved it. What a great message, and I look forward to buying the book. It is so interesting that the speaker begins his presentation with the reality of his book being banned in Australia. Wow, did they even read it?

It reminds me of the article that was published a few years ago titled, “Bubble wrap Generation.” In the article, the author discusses how we have created a group of kids who are put in a “bubble wrap” like existence where they don’t walk anywhere, climb things or take risks that were common place just a few decades ago.


I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I did. Now it’s time to go let my kids lick a 9 volt battery and climb a tree. Perfect timing because my wife is running errands!

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