With arms wide open @GustafsonBrad (312:365)

source: www.youtube.com

source: www.youtube.com

I had no idea one of my twitter buddies did a TEDx. I knew he was there, and I knew it was in his back yard… But, Brad, you never told me you did a TEDx talk… Let alone a completely amazing, inspiring, awesome TEDx talk!


In this TEDx Talk, Brad talks about a few things that are essential to creating a learning environment that is centered on consistent improvement. He talk s about failure, cultivating skills for the digital age, transparency, global awareness, Genius Hour, and augmented reality. He did an amazing job! And to think, I was able to introduce him to the Philly Cheese-steak.

Great job, Brad!


You have to check this out….

One thought on “With arms wide open @GustafsonBrad (312:365)

  1. Hey thanks, Spike. Your tour of Philly was the BEST. I owe you a tour of the Twin Cities sometime when you’re in our neck of the woods. (And anything that made sense or was coherent in my TEDx talk can be directly attributed to that awesome cheesesteak you guided me to…WOW.)

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