Want a T-Shirt? Follow the #rmbacon (313:365)


Staff used #rmbacon for shirts

Who doesn’t love a new T-Shirt? I know I do, and I want to make sure the school community does too. What is so important about T-Shirt anyway? Well, it isn’t just the shirt, it is the connection.


Following hashtags are extremely important on Twitter. It takes the fire hydrant of learning possibilities and makes it at least drinkable. If we want to tell our story, connect with others or even learn something new, it is all just a click away.  Our new T-Shirts, which are designed to be giveaways, will be available to teachers, students and community members. Simple as that. Follow the hashtag, get T-Shirts.


Want in? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3….






1. Follow the hashtag #rmbacon for updates and giveaways

2. Students who are being safe, responsible and respectful can earn Bear Bucks that can be redeemed for shirts

3. Attend events at #rmbacon and connect with the school community and you could win


Other ways to earn a shirt? Write a response as to why our school should “tell their story” and I will have one waiting for you!

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