Are your teachers feeling deflated? (315:365)



Unless you are living in a bubble (no pun intended) your teachers are probably feeling deflated? Why? Well, you need to talk to them because I am sure they will tell you that teaching has changed. For instance, as the accountability measures have increased, so has the workload, and the demands. Yet, the issues that are out of their control have increased immensely. What to do as a school leader?


As I reflect on this subject, I think it is important to talk about. I have blogged a great deal about the challenges that teachers are facing. School leaders play a big role in this. I think it is our duty to ensure that teachers are still having fun, being creative, and taking risks. We must keep our doors and ears open. We must listen. We must help them determine when enough is enough. We must support them if they need help with discipline, curriculum, or whatever they need. Sometimes, we need to just get out of the way.


So, what are you doing to help your teachers who are feeling deflated?

2 thoughts on “Are your teachers feeling deflated? (315:365)

    • Syreeta

      Thanks for taking time to comment! You are correct and if we want the best for students, we do not need deflated teachers 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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