What day is it? (327:365)

Source: martadoes365.tumblr.com

Source: martadoes365.tumblr.com

My math wasn’t adding up. I even had to double check on Google. I found the site Epoch Converter which confirmed my dilemma… I was a day off.


In doing the blog 365 project I have been blogging every day. I keep track of the progress in the title of each of the posts. So I decided to go back through the posts, and I found where I messed up on the numbering. It was back in October and I used the same number twice. No big deal.


Instead of going back and re-numbering all of the posts I just decided to add another post. Day 327 of 365. I only have 38 more blog posts to write to complete my goal.


How is your New Year’s Resolution going???

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