Peace on Earth Begins with Education (332:365)

The Bacon Bears with the Millville City Mayor!

The Bacon Bears with the Millville City Mayor!

For the second year in a row our school participated in the Millville City Holiday Parade. The parade has been around for a long time (not sure when it actually began). We began putting a float in the parade to help our students understand their place in the community. We also want to showcase our school’s rich history within the city (we started in 1929). There were so many current and former students waving to us from the sidewalks.  A great time was had by all!


The theme this was “Peace on Earth.” We feel that peace begins with education (specifically students). No matter what the students deal with, once they come into the school they can be immersed in peace. They can learn to resolve conflicts peacefully while maintaining their dignity. We feel these lessons can be learned by society….. peacefully!


Article about our participation in the parade 



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