Bring the magic alive (358:365)

Our Elves on the Shelves

Our Elves on the Shelves

Yesterday was the last day of school in 2014. It was quite a day. I love how our teachers are committed to bringing the magic alive for our students! The day started off with two visitors from the “North Pole.” Two of our teachers dressed up as Elfs on the Shelf. They wanted to be outside so the parents in the car line could see, but the rain prevented it. So we set them on top of the “shelf” in a classroom and had students visit before homeroom. Kids were in awe. Our transfer students said to me on the way out, “Wow, we never had anything like that at my old school.”


Then we hosted our annual Sing-A-Long. We packed the gym and sang all types of songs to get the kids in the Holiday Spirit. At the conclusion of the Sing-A-Long we got all of the staff members to come down in front of the students and we sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”  We all had our arms on each other and we swayed back and forth. I literally got chills.

We then showed a movie to the students and everyone enjoyed the rest of the morning. All of the classrooms bought pizza for the kids and they enjoyed lunch as they shared presents with each other.


It was a magical day!

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