What role does music play in your school?

When I first arrived at the elementary school I was very impressed by the 8 kids who were in the band. It was clearly a dedication that went above and beyond what was offered at the school. Fast forward 4 and 1/2 years and I am amazed at the 48 students in the band (the enrollment of the school has been steady in the 320 range). 48 students is a lot when you are talking about practice, instrumental instruction, and playing as a unit.


Our Band teacher has worked tirelessly to establish one of the most advanced elementary programs in the school district. One of the tools that she uses when instructing the kids in small groups is Smart Music.


By using Smart Music, the students can track their progress with their instrument. It records, plays, and guides the students in their quest to master their instrument. When this was presented at our most recent “tech Friday” it trumped anything the that was presented that day. It has everything that classroom teachers seek: data, continuous improvement, and timely feedback for students. What more could you ask for?

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2 thoughts on “What role does music play in your school?

  1. Love it! As a Dj and emcee I love the reference to music! It’s so amazing to see how many students are involved as states want to remove music and art. This type of involvement from students in this day and age of video and Internet is encouraging,educational and enlightens to all. Thank you to the music teacher and I applaud her willingness and courage to continue such a great program!

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