What is your 2.0?

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A few weeks ago I was on a hike with a good friend of mine. Throughout the conversation we talked about how people transition in life and work. She asked me a really tough question… What is your 2.0?

We are not computers, phones or even software but the analogy can certainly be made. As humans we evolve, transcend and we change. This is constantly happening whether we like it or not; sometimes life even forces you to change.

There are no rules or playbooks for change, of course there are countless books, podcasts and movies dedicated to the process of change. But, if you were to really dig down deep they only offer a few suggestions or ideas, and if you are fortunate one of those tools will help you with that change. Yet, isn’t personal change and personal developments just that… personal.

Back in January 2012 I jumped in with two feet into the world of Social Media. I made so many connections and the tools helped me to grow as a leader and a learner. I was able to present at local, state and national conferences. Published two books and co-founded a successful podcast for aspiring and current administrators. I spent the better part of five years maintaining two blogs (one for school and this one) as well as writing for other publications. One year I actually blogged every day (365 new posts). Yet there has always been something missing. Many times, I felt like it was a chore, constantly searching for something that I could not capture or contain. I was glued to my phone, laptop and whatever social media app I could find.

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Over the past year I have benefited from the practice of mindfulness. Slowly developing a healthier work/life balance, being present and most importantly shutting devices off. I implemented a daily meditation and gratitude journal, practice yoga a few times a week and hike every chance I get. There are days that go by when I realize that I haven’t checked Twitter and weeks have gone by when I realize that I haven’t checked Voxer. I took my work email off of my smart phone, and find myself going through Facebook for the articles and events as opposed to trying to find out who has the latest and greatest application. I’ve even slowed down my personal blogging to only a post or two a month. I still read a lot but I am going back to buying real books. I’ve even considered going back to a flip phone!

So when I finally answered the question of “what is your 2.0?” I actually realized I had already started doing it over the last year. Slowly but surely I am developing the 2.0 of myself. This is what brings me to this post. Now I can actually articulate what my 2.0.

This is my 2.0:

  • Less screen time, more outside time.
  • Redesigned focus on my personal blog to reflect my new passion… hiking. I have even thought of a name “Take a hike with Spike.”
  • More focus and being present with my main job which is to be the best principal I can be for my staff and students.
  • Working with staff, students and others in the education world on mindfulness, meditation and gratitude.

So over the next few weeks I will be redesigning this site to focus more on what it can do to help others achieve a work/life balance. I will be evaluating the social media applications I use and more importantly, why.


I ask you again, what is your 2.0 and how will you get there?

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