Welcome Back to Dr. Cook’s Insights into Education: Reconnecting and Reimagining!

I am not sure how many times I have written a “welcome back” post for my blog, but here goes another one! After a brief hiatus, (was it really November of 2021 when I last blogged?) I am thrilled to dust off the keyboard and get back to blogging. It feels invigorating to resume my journey of discovery, discussion, and inspiration in the realm of education.

During the break from blogging, I took time to reflect on the incredible journey I’ve had as an educational leader. I took time to spend with my family and friends, focus on my Principal job and transition back to elementary, teach Graduate classes, start a business, and focus on my health.

The educational landscape continues to evolve, presenting both opportunities and challenges. As I return to the blog, I am excited to explore new possibilities for transforming education. I look forward to weighing-in on emerging trends, examining the integration of technology, promoting equity and inclusion, and exploring pedagogical approaches that foster creativity, critical thinking, and holistic development.

This blog has always been a platform for open dialogue and thought-provoking discussions. I encourage each of you to actively engage in the comments section, sharing your perspectives, experiences, and innovative practices. Together, we can continue to create a vibrant community that fosters collaboration, celebrates diversity, and drives positive change in education.

As I embark on this new chapter, I am excited to announce a lineup of compelling topics that we will explore in the coming months. From examining social-emotional learning and student well-being to unraveling the potential of project-based learning and cultivating a growth mindset, we will delve into areas that shape the educational experience. Additionally, I will collaborate with distinguished educators, researchers, and thought leaders to bring you diverse perspectives and valuable insights.

I value your input immensely. I encourage you to reach out and share topics of interest, questions, and suggestions for future blog posts. Together, we can tailor our discussions to address the specific needs and interests of our readership, ensuring that our content remains relevant, engaging, and impactful.

As the summer fades and a new academic year approaches, it is with great anticipation that I welcome you back,. There are so many areas to delve into to expand my horizons within teaching and learning. Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure, and let us dive into a world of insightful conversations and transformative ideas once again!

About the Author 

Spike Cook, Ed.D., Principal, RM Bacon Elementary, Millville, NJ. In addition to being a Principal, Dr. Cook published two books through Corwin Press (Connected Leadership: It’s Just a Click Away; Breaking Out of Isolation: Becoming a Connected School Leader). He is the co-host of the popular PrincipaPLN podcast and a regular on the Unlock the Middle Videocast. His blog, Insights Into Learning, was recognized as a finalist for Best Administrator Blog by the EduBlog Awards. Spike earned his Doctorate from Rowan University and is an Adjunct Faculty member in the Masters of School Administration Program He is featured in Twinkl’s 30 Education Influencers You Need to Follow and Klear’s Top Ten Middle School Influencers. Dr. Cook is also on the Education Advisory Board for Whole Health Ed. Connect with @drspikecook via Twitter, YouTubeLinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

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