Just an average day (275:365)

Sometimes I like to rely on the non-linguistic representations (ie pictures/images) to describe a day in the life of a principal. Below you see the awesomeness that I stumble upon on an average day in my school.   The energy is contagious. It emanates from the staff and students like a perfume shop in a […]

Curriculum as the foundation (255:365)

The modern day principal (insert: lead learner, instructional leader, etc, etc) wears a myriad of hats. One of the most important aspects to our job is monitoring and understanding the curriculum. The curriculum sets standards to which the students learn information and how the teachers teach that information. This leads me to a few questions […]

Passion based learning (248:365)

Part 2 The other day I blogged about using a team building exercise to help staff share their passions. So what did this activity produce? In my humble opinion, teachers have a greater understanding for how their passion is not something they should check at the front door of the school. Many teachers reported to […]

Problem Finders (198:365)

Where do we find problems? When do we have time to find problems? In researching information for Genius Hour, I came across this video by Ewan McIntosh from his TEDx presentation. Even though the talk is almost 3 years old, the topic could not be more relevant. How do we find problems and how do […]

80/20 staff meetings this year (197:365)

I have been doing a lot of reflecting and planning for the upcoming school year. Yesterday, I posted about seeing an increase in Genius Hour and Makerspace opportunities for students. Today, I want expand on these ideas in terms of staff development. Genius hour, 20 rule, and a list of other initiatives are based off […]