New Year, New Challenge 1:365



As I begin my 3rd year on Social Media, I decided to challenge myself. I have seen others do it, and have learned so much… I am going to blog everyday this year! Yes, and I wrote it down too, so that makes it that much more important.


You may wonder why? Why would I take on such a challenge? Isn’t blogging supposed to be about quality, not quantity? I hope to be able to combine the quality/quantity and ensure that these posts are as thoughtful as in my previous two years.


Here is what I am thinking about the project. I know that I want to limit my posts to about 10 to 15 minutes a day. I can carve out 15 minutes a day! I know I can’t do it myself, so I am sure I will have cross posts, guest posts, and maybe even a series of posts. When am I going to do this? My plan is write and post every morning after exercising and before I start my day. As for the topics, I will continue to seek inspiration from my PLN, other blog posts, and of course my person and professional experiences. I am also not going to limit myself and therefore, I may post a picture or a video (or even a podcast)…. Who knows where this will lead…


I hope you enjoy the posts, and better yet, I hope you are able to learn something or interact with me (Or my PLN).


Happy 2014…