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This just in…

This video was recently released by our superintendent in a response to the Extravaganza trailer posted earlier this week. Finally, they are talking! Make sure you watch the Extravaganza prior to watching this video. Enjoy!  

The Extravaganza is ….

Follow 3 administrators as they search for clues, agendas, anything that can explain what the Opening Day Extravaganza is all about. Help us! They are blocking our internet, taking devices away, anything to stop us from knowing.     September 4, 2012 @8:00 AM is when it all….

“It’s harder to hate up close”

It’s easy to “hate” someone when you see them on TV in snippets and sound bites. It’s easy to hate someone when you are told to hate them because they are a certain way, or come from a party with a different symbol. What I learned today from Governor Christie was:  It’s harder to hate […]

What would you ask the Governor?

I received a call on Sunday from a good friend and respected colleague, Steven Engravalle. He asked me what I was doing on Thursday, and I said, “Probably working, but nothing special.” Steve said, “Good, because now you are. How would you like to sit down in a small forum and talk with Governor Chris […]

One time, at Pad Camp

I had the opportunity of attending Pad Camp on August 16, 2012. This “un-conference” was held at Galloway Township Middle School, in Galloway, NJ. I want to start out by thanking Kevin Jarrett for his work in organizing the event! The first session I attended was hosted by Jeff Bradbury. He had educators engaged, and […]

Just what the doctor ordered

“It was not the vacation I wanted, it was the vacation I needed” A few weeks ago while I was running, I felt an odd twinge in my right foot. I kept running through it, and probably ran 4 or 5 more times, plus did Muay Thai kickboxing. One morning I woke up and my […]

It’s not a tough decision

Here I am with vacation staring me in the face, and I am blogging. Yet, I have made a decision for next week – I am powering down. Basically since January 1, 2012 I have been steady on the social media scene. Well, that ends the week of August 4 – 12. Nada, nothing, zilch. This […]