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Understanding the Law of the Few: What’s your Tipping Point?

As an educational leader, it is important to know about yourself, as well as those you lead. The Tipping Point by Gladwell (2002) was a book that was able to bring abstract concepts of change into real world application. At the time I first read the book, I was busy preparing for my dissertation. I […]

Getting “into” double dutch

How many people out there can say they have been able to Double Dutch jump rope? I have tried on and off for about 12 years. It all started when I worked in Camden. The girls would be swinging the ropes during recess, and I would try to get in. I couldn’t do it. I […]

Coming Back From Maternity Leave

@mrsbensonsbunch Tweet This! Any mom’s out there? Remember coming back from maternity leave? Each time it gets harder, right? Anyone have 3 and then come back to a completely different type of environment? @mrsbensonsbunch did!   She was on maternity leave since September and just returned on January 30th. When she returned, she found a […]

Where is the LOVE?

Happy Valentine’s Day! As I reflect on the meaning of Valentine’s Day, I figured I should do a little research. I googled the “Meaning of Valentine’s Day.” There were about 2,540,000 potential connections to this search. The story goes something like this: St. Valentine did a lot of work in the area of marriage, February […]

Where does the road of excess lead? Emotional Intelligence? Resonant Leadership?

I truly live by William Blake’s famous quote, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” The problem is that road goes in two directions, with many turns, stops and hills. The road of excess can make you tired, stressed and dissonant. On the other hand, it can make you energized, healthy, and […]

How fast is fast?

How fast is fast? Before you start reading this post, please write down the time. Now you can start reading. According to a recently somewhat outdated article, @twitter has approximately 200 million tweets per day ( Yesterday marked my first month on @twitter. During that time I sent out about 325 tweets, followed 140 people, […]

What does it mean to be a Servant Leader? How can I help?

I love when someone asks, “How can I help you?” I think people who pose this question have an understanding of the power of service. For me, leadership has been about service to others. Robert Greenleaf identified the “servant as leader” in 1970’s as a way to explain the leadership paradigm that has been used […]

Reflective Practice: Looking into the mirror

The concept of Reflective Practice (Osterman & Kottkamp, 2004) has helped me balance my leadership as a new principal. The use of reflective practice provides me with the basis of how to become an effective principal by constantly asking questions and spending time reflecting. My natural tendency is to jump from one project to another […]