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High School Stinks! (211:365)

I came across the TEDx Philly talk the other day delivered by my friend Chris Lehman, Principal of the Science Leadership Academy, in Philadelphia, PA. If you don’t know Chris, I highly recommend to connect with him! He is a passionate High School Principal dedicated to making high school relevant, inquiry-based, and dare I say [...]

Are you growth or fixed minded? (210:365)

Everyone is faced with the same dilemma… Do you get to a certain part of your career, and decide that you have learned everything? Or do you continue to push yourself and grow? Its easier said than done, but Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is a great read for anyone seeking to [...]

PD Made Easy? (209:365)

The other day I came across a tweet from Alfie Kohn. He simply asked, “Question for prof dev orgs: Do you mostly 1) ask tchrs “How can we help?” or 2) train them to implement the latest mandate from on high?” He made a really good point. I furthered discussed the issue with fellow educator [...]

Are you planning to steal dreams in the Fall? (208: 365)

As you prepare for the students to return to your district, school, or classroom….Think for a minute… What is School for? I just watched a TEDxYouth Talk from Seth Godin, and right from the beginning of the talk he had me thinking…. What is school for? He recanted how we have spent over 150 years [...]

Gotta love @iamkidpresident (207:365)

You gotta love Kid President! The whole series of videos have taken the internet by storm, and the most recent one I viewed was one of my favorites…. 20 Things We Should Say More Often. This video really makes me want to eat a corndog (even though I don’t like them)! As you plan your [...]

Information! What about the gaps? (206:365)

Two days ago I blogged about how 90% of the world’s information was created in the past two years. As I went through my twitter feed today, I saw a tweet from Laura Gilchrist, who attended a Keynote given by Will Richardson, that peeked my curiosity (see image to the left). It is funny (or [...]

.@principalcast to host @DaisyDyerDuerr (205:365)

This Sunday, July 27, 2014 8:15 PM EST on, the Principalcast Crew hosts the infamous Daisy Dyer Duerr! Daisy Dyer Duerr is the PreK-12 principal of Saint Paul Public Schools in Saint Paul, Arkansas. She has been an administrator for 9 years, after teaching social studies for 8. Daisy is a 2014 NASSP Digital Principal [...]

Too much information? Or just enough? (204:365)

Did you know that 90% of the world’s information was generated over the last two years? Well, I didn’t until I read this article! So, my question is … how are we preparing our students based on this information? How are we preparing our teachers? Administrators?   In addition, how can we keep up? Or do [...]

Uprooted (203:365)

When was the last time that you took your workspace (or home space) and completely changed it? It always sounds like a good idea, and the end result is usually better then when you started. The hardest part of the change is being displaced. For the past few days, I have been uprooted out of [...]

Why @ktenkely rocks (202:365)

Last night on the Principalcast Podcast we hosted Kelly Tenkely. Needless to say, she rocked the house! Throughout the podcast she told us her story of how she became a ”connected” educator. She talked about her battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and how being advised to take time off from teaching, eventually lead her to create the Learning Genome Project, and Anastasis [...]