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An interesting dilemma (294:365)

I attended a conference recently and I noticed an interesting dilemma…. With all of the preparation for the PARCC, districts have been increasing their devices (mostly Chrome books). So, now, armed with these devices, the questions are piling up. What do we do with the devices in the classroom?   Fortunately, besides the test prep, [...]

Forget the office, the desk, it’s all on your phone (293:365)

In a recent PrincipalPLN interview, Adam Welcome discussed his leadership philosophy. For Adam, it is very simple: get out of your office and lead but don’t forget your phone.   I have heard of ‘no office days’ and portable desks, but this takes it to the next level. Yet, as Adam explains, your phone can [...]

Do you follow your followers? (292:365)

Remember when you first got on twitter? You would find some people to follow and scroll through your feed as they posted, and you would get so much information. It was all simple, right? Well, what changed? Quite a few things…   When was the last time you scrolled through your feed?     Hashtags [...]

Take a hike! (291:365)

I have been trying to hike with my kids every Sunday. For the most part, we have been doing it for the past month. Every Sunday we go somewhere different. This is great time for me to spend with them (and to let my wife get her work done). It also requires me to disconnect [...]

Learn from mistakes (290:365)

I found this awesome video on YouTube that highlights the many people who have overcome adversity in their life to become successful. We must never forget to learn from mistakes, and always seek to improve! Learn to take risks Don’t take no for an answer Challenge yourself Never quit Fail forward Learn from mistakes   [...]

Why F2F conferences are still relevant (289:365)

As a connected educator I know that with the click of a mouse, I can connect with educators around the world 24/7. So why do I need to grow professionally at conferences? Isn’t it easier to just attend PD sessions on twitter in my pajamas? Well, yes and no.   Conferences are still relevant to [...]

Connected Educator Month: 5 hashtags That Matter (288:365)

I have written extensively about the power of the PLN on this blog. One of the most important aspect about being a connected educator is the people you learn with…. from…. and just because!   So here are 5 hashtags that matter… to me, and hopefully to you!   5 Hashtags That Matter … to [...]

Continuous learning and improvement (287:365)

Although I am not a big fan of standardized assessments and robbing children of their childhood (see my past few posts), I am a big fan of continuous learning and improvement. What does this really mean?   Educators, with some exceptions, are life long learners. They are constantly seeking to grow and understand their learners [...]

Are we complicating childhood education? (286:365)

It is a shame how we currently feel about the education that our children are receiving. For me, I can not remember a single learning objective from my childhood elementary education. I might be getting old, but it is foggy even though I spent the years 1979 through 1985 steeped in it. I don’t know [...]

How the Google Drive can take you for a ride (285:365)

Google thinks of everything. It is probably because they allow their employees job embedded time and opportunity to solve problems that don’t exist. The drive is taking education on a ride, and the signs are pointing to great things. There are so many aspects to the Drive that would require a few posts. For the [...]