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The Next Gen (326:365)

The next generation is here. Picture you are in college and you happen to have a professor like Kyle Calderwood. Kyle, for those of you who don’t know, is a professor at Stockton College, and has been a connected educator since 2009. He has had an enormous impact on southern New Jersey as the founder [...]

What day is it? (327:365)

My math wasn’t adding up. I even had to double check on Google. I found the site Epoch Converter which confirmed my dilemma… I was a day off.   In doing the blog 365 project I have been blogging every day. I keep track of the progress in the title of each of the posts. [...]

Tinkering around with @geekyteach! (325:365)

I went to EdcampNJ, and attended the Maker Fair set up in the gym. Meredith Martin, an awesome educator and innovator, set up a few opportunities for people to make stuff. When I asked her about the cost of setting up a Makerspace, she said that most of the materials are available at Dollar Stores [...]

Speak! (324:365)

Our school is fortunate because we have parents who are dedicated to assisting students with whatever they need. One of our new parents, Mr. Bruce Cooper, proposed a public speaking group for our students. As a Toastmaster Mr. Cooper has competed at the highest levels of public speaking. As a regional director, he had the idea that we could [...]

Leading the learning at staff meetings (323:365)

Here is the deal… if you are not modeling life-long learning as a leader in your organization, than how can you expect your teachers to learn? Adult learning is the key to improvement, and lets face it, the staff meeting is your time to lead or it is your time to lose. The choice is [...]

If you have been on a walk… (322:365)

If you have been on a walk….then you have stepped on somebody’s toes. As leaders we make decisions all the time, and without even know it, we step on people’s toes. The difference that great leaders make is they know the difference between stepping and stomping on toes.   I know this is short today, [...]

“Action or inaction are both forms of leadership” (321:365)

I was reading Seth Godin’s blog today and he was talking about when things ‘blow over’ in organizations. The last line of his post especially caught my attention, “Action or inaction are both forms of leadership and standard setting.” He has written about this before, and I think it bears repeating that leaders send messages [...]

Leading Leadership Teams (320:365)

As we are planning for an upcoming PrincipalPLN podcast, we got on the subject of School Leadership teams. We put the idea into our voxer chat and it elicited a lively discussion.   There are some schools with a a large leadership team and other schools with a small leadership team. No matter what size [...]

Make it count twice! #eddies14 (319:365)

I am a huge supporter of Edublogs. They are really great people with a mission to provide opportunities for learners to share their knowledge with others. Since 2005 they have supported over 2,775,000 bloggers world wide! We believe in the power that blogging can have to transform the educational experience of students and have seen [...]

Praise the process, not the result (318:365)

I had the opportunity to lead a conversation on Growth and Fixed Mindsets based off the work of Carol Dweck at Parent Camp. The parents who participated in the session were very interested in this concept and how it relates to their children. The conversation began with a few general questions to consider: Are we [...]