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Be sure to connect … with a PLN(110:365)

There are so many ways to connect with people nowadays. So who do you connect with? and more importantly, why? If you are looking to connect with other like-minded individuals, I encourage you to develop a PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network). It’s easy, it’s free and it could enhance your teaching, leadership and career. Don’t get [...]

Breaks (109:365)

There is an ebb and flow to the school year. Breaks are often positioned at the right time. As we battle the cycle of sacrifice, we seek to find that cycle of renewal. The cycle of renewal is important to survive as a professional. Even though our spring break is a little shorter this year [...]

“Be the hero of your own movie” @joerogan (108:365)

Wow is this a good message…. Be the hero of your own movie…. Joe Rogan delivers this powerful message in 1:19… I have no words other than to please check this out…     More information on Joe? Follow him on twitter

Summative-ly Speaking and Listening (107:365)

This is the summative season! Time to get your notes, SGOs, PDP, teacher evaluation, etc, etc, together and work on the summative process. As a principal, this is my favorite time of the year. I am sure you are wondering…..why? Well, the way I see it, despite the process, mandates, accountability etc. I actually enjoy [...]

Do the dishes or blog? (106:365)

I think that sometimes in life we get into an “either or” mentality. For instance, some people I talk with about blogging feel that they have so many other things they could be doing, that they could never blog. I was talking with someone who actually said, “What am I going to do? I have [...]

Calling all aspiring administrators (105:365)

Recently, the PrincipalCast crew hosted two superintendents to discuss suggestions for aspiring administrators. Dr. Dave Gentile, superintendent, Millville Public Schools, New Jersey, and Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, superintendent, Fall Creek School District, Wisconsin spent an hour with us discussing everything from the ever-changing expectations of the 21st century administrator to what to put on a resume. [...]

Just push publish (104:365)

There are many educators who do not share their story on Social Media. There are many reasons they give, but I am here to say that you have a voice, and we need to hear it. Could you imagine if every principal, every teacher and every student had a blog? We would have so many [...]

The Iceberg (103:365)

I saw this graphic on Facebook today. It was exactly what I needed to stay motivated. As the spring has sprung in Southern New Jersey, and everyone is outside, I am inside writing. Yes, it is a sacrifice, but I saw what everyone was doing today… and I applaud them! For me, I had a [...]

Joining in…. (102:365)

Wait… What? Someone is joining in the #blog365 journey? Yes, in fact, Gina Silveria a wife, mother and principal is joining in… She read Digital Leadership, connected with what we are doing at RM Bacon Elementary, and decided that she, too, was going to blog!   I recommend that your follow Gina in her journey! [...]

Keep an open book (101:365)

School leaders have a responsibility to those they lead. No longer can we sit behind the fancy desks, or the suit and tie and expect to lead our schools. As we reflect on our mistakes, and learn from our lessons, it is crucial to “keep an open book.” Keeping an open book is basically taking [...]