New Year, New Challenge 1:365



As I begin my 3rd year on Social Media, I decided to challenge myself. I have seen others do it, and have learned so much… I am going to blog everyday this year! Yes, and I wrote it down too, so that makes it that much more important.


You may wonder why? Why would I take on such a challenge? Isn’t blogging supposed to be about quality, not quantity? I hope to be able to combine the quality/quantity and ensure that these posts are as thoughtful as in my previous two years.


Here is what I am thinking about the project. I know that I want to limit my posts to about 10 to 15 minutes a day. I can carve out 15 minutes a day! I know I can’t do it myself, so I am sure I will have cross posts, guest posts, and maybe even a series of posts. When am I going to do this? My plan is write and post every morning after exercising and before I start my day. As for the topics, I will continue to seek inspiration from my PLN, other blog posts, and of course my person and professional experiences. I am also not going to limit myself and therefore, I may post a picture or a video (or even a podcast)…. Who knows where this will lead…


I hope you enjoy the posts, and better yet, I hope you are able to learn something or interact with me (Or my PLN).


Happy 2014…

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenge 1:365

  1. Spike,

    This is a lofty goal! I am not sure I am ready for it, but I look forward to reading your daily posts and gaining inspiration throughout the year. Enjoy the ride!


  2. Spike,

    I’m envious that you could even think to do this. One of the problems I struggle with is the time I spend writing a blog. It shouldn’t take me two hours to write a straight forward post, but it often does. I wish you lots of luck and need to work on my turn around time as a writer.


    • John,
      Thanks so much for reading! My blog post philosophy is rather simple. Write – edit – get images (usually takes the longest) – post – move on….

      Hope this helps

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