New Year, New Resolution? (354:365)



I’m not sure what it is, but I like making New Year’s resolutions, goals, or ambitions (whatever you call them). In fact, I have made (and was somewhat successful) ¬†some meaningful resolutions. There are other years when I wasn’t so successful. So why do some work and others don’t?

In 2012, I made a resolution to start blogging and tweeting. I never thought I would get into social media, but I also thought about it for 3 months before I actually did something. In 2013, I didn’t have a resolution, but rather I wanted to improve my health, lose weight, and be more centered. Honestly, since I didn’t make a goal or resolution, I only made minor progress. In 2014, I made the resolution to blog everyday and I have learned a great deal about the writing process (I only have about 11 more to go). As much as it is cliche, I have found power in starting the new year with a vision of what I want to improve (or accomplish). Obviously, sometimes life takes you in other directions and that is OK.


Pre-Planning – What I know about 2015

In early 2015, I will be getting surgery on my foot. This may keep me in a cast or boot for a few weeks or few months. Knowing this, I can’t run a marathon 2015, but I am hopeful that this surgery will help me eventually become more active (with less pain). I will not blog every day. That was a great experience and I might have some good ideas that could be taken further. In 2015, I will be working on finishing the book with the PrincipalPLN crew on Isolation but that isn’t resolution material. I am still perplexed at what to focus on.


What makes a successful New Year’s resolution?

  • Be honest – Like I said earlier, there are a few things I know about early 2015 and this will help me guide my resolution
  • Plan ahead – This is the time to start mulling over what you want to do (basically this whole post is a public mulling session)
  • Talk to others – Make sure you talk about ideas to your loved ones. They can be your biggest champion!
  • Make it SMART – Is it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bounded
  • Write it down – By writing down your resolution, you will double your chances of success
  • Make it public – Put it on your blog (or Facebook, Google +, or Twitter) for all to see. This will increase your chances of success, and rally support from your PLN!


I will have something by 12/31. Thanks for all the support…. until then I will keep searching for the right resolution!

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