Service with a Smile (24:365)

Picture this… it is the day after having off from school because a huge snow storm dumped about 12 inches of snow in our area. You can imagine the scene: snow is everywhere, it is freezing cold, and by the way (you think) where are people going to drop off their kids? So I thought quickly and asked for help from staff in the building. We had a brief meeting and then set a plan into action.


We decided that we had to have one area for drop off (buses and cars). We knew it might take some time (and getting used to) but we needed to control the area where kids were being dropped off. We stationed staff in certain areas to direct traffic to the one (most safest) point. Then, my inner valet kicked in. I found myself opening doors so parents wouldn’t need to get out in the cold. I helped kids unbuckle their seat-belts, and even carried a few out of the car. It was really interesting to see the expressions on the parents’ faces. They were so appreciative! One parent went to the local coffee shop (WaWa) and bought us coffee.


Now, I know that some schools provide this type of treatment every day. They may have safety patrol or even teachers helping out with arrival. We may get to that point. For today, however, the parents and students were greeted in the bitter cold by a bunch of welcoming, smiling faces. It made all the difference!

4 thoughts on “Service with a Smile (24:365)

  1. I am the principal that does this everyday. I greet children getting dropped off every morning. I wave and greet every parent coming through as well as every busload of children. The bus drivers look for my eye contact to wave. I knew this paid off when I got a Christmas card from a family that is often late and has little to give, but wrote in their card “Thank you for being a nice principal and greeting us outside every morning with a smile.” The parents and students signed the card and it was the most memorable present I received this season.

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