The code (47:365)



All organizations have a code, or unwritten rule about “how things are.” What is your code? Is a code of honor, or a code of secrecy?


There are many examples of codes within organizations, communities, and even families. For instance, one of the codes on the street is “snitches get stitches.” No one would dare tell the local police about a problem someone else is having for fear of being labeled a “snitch.” So when the police start asking questions, no one speaks up… not even a peep. Some people would find that type of thinking deplorable for a business, school or even professional association. I agree.


Unfortunately, as we deal with the code, whatever that may be, we find out a lot about ourselves, our values, and our ethics. Is it easier to turn the other way and ignore things, or not speak up? Society teaches us that those who speak up can either be glorified and protected as a whistle blower or vilified as snitch…. What do you think?

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