Who is your favorite President? (49:365)

Source: www.whitehouse.gov

Source: www.whitehouse.gov

Since we celebrated President’s Day yesterday, I thought I would share my favorite president. Honestly, I am not much of a history buff, so there are scores of Presidents that I know little about. My favorite President was John F. Kennedy and fortunately my son (who is 9) shares the same choice. He says he likes JFK because he created the Peace Corps and the Peace Corps really help people!


I am intrigued by Kennedy’s presidency. Often shrouded in mystery and scandal, Kennedy’s presidency was short lived. He was only in office for 3 years, but many people in our country resonated with his vision. He tried to bring the country into a new era of looking towards the future and beyond the war-torn 1950s. For some, Kennedy was the King, others he was the people’s champion, and still others saw him as a target.¬†About two years ago I was able to visit Dallas for the Texas ASCD Conference. I did the tour of the Book Depository, and Dealey Plaza. I even ventured to the grassy knoll. It was a surreal experience and one that I highly recommend others to try.


No matter your political views, celebrating President’s Day is an amazing way to learn more about our country!

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