Ending the school year… (176:365)

source: aatifbokhari.blogspot.com

source: aatifbokhari.blogspot.com

I will be honest…. The last four weeks of the school year were my most challenging since becoming a principal 3 years ago! Everyone noticed it. Even I noticed it. I tend to be an open book (wear my emotions on my sleeve, blog about things, and vent openly and honestly)….

But the challenges I faced were beyond my scope, or so I thought. Many times I drove home considering to never return. Nothing was good enough, problems persisted, and deadlines piled up HIGH. Event after event, I just kept focusing on the positive. I knew it would end (and I was correct)!


Here are the lessons I learned, and tips to keep my sanity:

  1. Make the call – Get your mentors on the phone, and tell them everything.
  2. Pick up the phone when they call – When your mentors check in on you, take the call and tell them everything!
  3. Be honest with people – We all go through tough times. Let your people know that things have been rough.
  4. Wait 24 hours on major decisions – Ready to send the epic email? Just wait. Need a meeting ASAP? Just wait.
  5. Watch your diet and exercise – Stress can be combated through a healthy diet and regular exercise (I know it feels better during high stress times to eat unhealthy, but not in the long run)
  6. Set a date – Tell yourself that if I can get to a certain point things will be better
  7. Blog about it – But don’t blog about it (if you know what I mean, wink, wink) Social venting is not becoming 🙂




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