“If you permit it, you promote it” (194:365)

source: peoplebeforeprogress.com.au

source: peoplebeforeprogress.com.au

I was reviewing a soon to be released book Leading With A Coaching Hat by Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz and Kathy Perret when I came across a quote that really struck a chord… “If you permit it, you promote it.”


The point was made in the chapter Addressing Concerns that the principal plays an important role in dealing with ineffective practices throughout their school. Think about that again, “If you permit it, you promote it.”


So the next time you are walking around the building and you see everything from teachers showing an unrelated movie, under-utilizing instructional time or yelling at students and you choose to do nothing… you are promoting those behaviors…. This really puts things into perspective…


I can’t wait until they publish Leading With A Coaching Hat…. Until then, I will be cognizant of what I permit, because it is what I promote.



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