T’was the night before school (245:365)

Design by Chris Nesi

Design by Chris Nesi

Season 2 Episode 4 of the PrincipalPLN.

We came up with this idea because Jessica is starting her school year tomorrow. Of course she was in her office and preparing for the big day. Theresa, who had her first day last week, was able to share some of her insights on the summer and the beginning of the school year. As for me, I was taking notes because our school year officially begins on Thursday.

The most important takeaways from this podcast is how crucial staff development time and the first few days of school are to getting off on the right foot. If you want teachers to build rapport with students, then you need to provide time. If you want teachers to be prepared, then you need to provide time. If you want organic staff growth, then you need to provide time.

Once the school year starts, the Principal needs to spend time in the classrooms interacting with teachers and kids. Jessica shared some really cool ideas on books to read in classrooms the first week of school (HERE.)


Check out the podcast:

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