So, what’s your passion, Dr. Cook? (250:365)



The other day I was leading a staff team building session on Genius Hour (I blogged about it here and here). After everyone reported out, one of the teachers asked, “What is your passion, Dr. Cook?” Right on, I thought. Great question.


What is my passion? I can honestly say that my passion has changed and developed over the years. I used to love running. I would integrate running into my lessons when I was teaching. I read everything I could about running. I even worked at a running store on the weekends to become more engaged in the running community. I ran a marathon, 10 K’s, 5 K’s, and I even did a triathlon. Then I got hurt and I could’t run as much. I went back to graduate school, and my passion changed.


So what are my passion interests now? Thankfully, my passions are in line with my profession. I am really passionate about the following:

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Podcasting
  • Speaking
  • Presenting
  • Movie Making
  • Comedy
  • Learning


For my Genius Hour project, I am going to start a podcast for our school district. To me, doing another podcast is not “extra work” but rather it is a passion. When I am podcasting, it doesn’t feel like work! I love talking with people, laughing, and learning about their passions. I have a lot to learn about podcasting because I have only hosted a show. I have never made intros, and outros. I’ve never edited and uploaded a show to the various sites. Who knows where this will lead? I am hoping that others will be able to use the podcast to share their passions, and maybe someone will even start their own!


Thinking about starting your own Genius Hour? Start with finding your passion. See how it relates to making your job better. Take a leap and get started!

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