Did you have an awesome day? Blake wants to know (277:365)

source: www.imgion.com

source: www.imgion.com

I love this kid Blake from Florida and I have never met him. I hope to GHO with him and his classmates soon. Fortunately, I know his teacher, and she raves about him (she loves all her kids mind you). But Blake, from the beginning of his second grade year, decided he wanted to take things to the next level. He liked how Ms. Baselice had all her kids check in each day on her iPad. She asked them questions about their lunch choices, and how they were feeling. Blake liked that. Then, as Ms. Baselice said, he wanted to know how his friends were doing, but not to be nosy. No, Blake really cared. So she did what any great 21st Century teacher would do, she asked Blake if he really wanted to know, he could ask anybody in the world (using a google form of course). Blake made that his Genius project. He developed the form (with some help from his teacher) and then they filmed a promo for his cause… Did you have an awesome day?


Check out his video, and then be sure to let him know if you had an awesome day! 

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