Hanging on the Vine (298:365)

source: leaksquadlive.com

source: leaksquadlive.com

In just 6 seconds, that’s right 6 seconds Vines are growing everywhere! Everybody young and old are watching Vines. They are very addictive. My son can’t get enough of them! What is the interest? Well 40 million people can’t be wrong, can they?


The appeal of the Vine is in it’s simplicity. Like it’s owner, Twitter, brevity is everything. Can you do something in 6 seconds to catch someone’s interest? So what is the educational use? Schools are using Vines similar to all of the Social Media apps… to draw interest, tell their story, and allow students to create, and publish as Digital Citizens.


Some schools are having 5 to minute film festivals using Vines. Check out this Edutopia blog post about how schools use Vines.


Here is Edutopia’s 6 Second Science Fair


What are you going to use Vine for?



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