Make it count twice! #eddies14 (319:365)

I am a huge supporter of Edublogs. They are really great people with a mission to provide opportunities for learners to share their knowledge with others. Since 2005 they have supported over 2,775,000 bloggers world wide!

We believe in the power that blogging can have to transform the educational experience of students and have seen first hand how Edublogs have increased ownership of learning, engaged students, and become a source of pride in the classroom. ~Edublogs


Each year the Edublogs Awards presents an opportunity to recognize the dedicated educators who are blogging, tweeting, podcasting, and just plain making things better for us!


Here are my #eddies14 recommendations!

Edublog Awards Nomations
Best Individual Blog (Kelly Tenkley)
Best Group Blog (Edutopia)
Best New Blog (Brian Costello)
Best Class Blog (3rd Grade RM Bacon)
Best Ed Tech / Research Sharing Blog (Richard Byrne)
Best Administrator Blog (Brad Gustafson)
Best Individual Tweeter (Craig Yen)
Best Hashtag / Twitter Chat (#SATCHAT) #satchat
Best Open PD / Unconference / Webinar
Lifetime Achievement Eric Sheninger


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