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I talk with a lot of aspiring administrators. I enjoy it because I feel it is a way to give back, and a few years ago I was in their shoes. Prior to Social Media, I was given a lot of advice from my mentors about leadership, management, and a few insider secrets. I was even told at one point to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Nowadays, it is critical to blog for the job you want. Unfortunately, many current and aspiring administrators are not taking advantage of this medium. I’ve sat in on many hiring committees where no one had a blog, or even used their micro-blogging  accounts to show what they are learning.


Those of you who are considering the administrative route, I strongly encourage you to blog. Even if you only post a few, it could really make you stand out when a potential district is considering interviewing you. Here are some topics that would be of interest:

  • Leadership philosophy
  • Change initiatives
  • Administrative internship experiences
  • Books that you have read
  • Interviews with current administrators


These topics could be your first step in developing a digital footprint for your administrative search.

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4 thoughts on “Aspiring Admins: Blog for the Job You Want

  1. Dr. Cook,
    I am an aspiring administrator taking classes at SUNY New Paltz now. I was recently introduced to your work in Eric Sheninger’s book, Digital Leadership. You make such a good point that our expectations for the jobs we want have to change to match the current culture shift towards digital literacy. I actually began blogging as a result of a suggestion by my professor. I think it has really allowed me to express my thoughts in a way I thought I couldn’t in the past. Thank you for sharing your tip – I hope it will get me the job I want when time comes.

    • Maureen
      I just went through your blog and I am really impressed with your posts! I especially liked your first one. The image you selected was very appropriate… just take the first step. In addition to getting you the job you want, blogging will help you tell your school’s story, students, connect families, parents, and teachers! Keep me posted!

  2. Great post and I completely agree! I actually just wrote my first blog post last week. It was about my journey in becoming an aspiring educational leader ( Besides Twitter, how else can I get my blog “out there”? Would you suggest putting a link on my resume assuming I write some more? Thank You!

    • Mike
      I just went through your blog. I enjoyed the “dark side” post. I would highly recommend to put your blog on your cover letter and resume. You can use a QR code, or just list the address. I am excited about your growth! Keep me posted!

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