Where is the LOVE?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

As I reflect on the meaning of Valentine’s Day, I figured I should do a little research. I googled the “Meaning of Valentine’s Day.” There were about 2,540,000 potential connections to this search. The story goes something like this: St. Valentine did a lot of work in the area of marriage, February has long been associated with love, and the card companies wanted to sell more cards. I tend to believe a little of all the major theories. Regardless, I wanted to take this time and share my appreciation of the things I love:

-My Wife – She is the one who has stood by me and believed in me. We always say to each other, “You’re my number one supporter!”

– My Kids – I have two exceptional children: Henry and Catherine. They have grounded me, and made me believe in the future, their future.

– My family – My mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, in-laws- I have learned so much from everyone!

– RM Bacon – Since being selected the Principal last April I have fallen head over heels for the BEARS. I have had such an awesome experience thus far and it is because of the students, parents, staff, and teachers.

– Coffee – Anyone who knows me (So that is why I received so many Starbucks cards over the holidays) knows that I love coffee. That first cup in the morning is precious. And it always has to be HOT!

– Exercise – Whether I am running, biking, golfing, playing basketball, kickball, hockey, Karate, or Insanity I love to exercise.

– Watching Movies – I tend to like documentaries or sports oriented movies, and most of all I love cuddling on the couch with my wife and kids while I am watching. Well, I have to be more honest, if I want to watch something to do with sports, the room clears out.

– Indian Food – Indian food is by far my favorite food. I am not sure saying that I love it gives it justice.

So where is your LOVE?


Dr. Cook



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