Getting “into” double dutch

This is the approach

How many people out there can say they have been able to Double Dutch jump rope? I have tried on and off for about 12 years. It all started when I worked in Camden. The girls would be swinging the ropes during recess, and I would try to get in. I couldn’t do it. I asked for help. I still couldn’t do it. Nothing seemed to work.


So when I started here in Millville, as an Elementary Principal, I knew I would have another chance to redeem myself. This year, I have made it my mission to get into the Double Dutch world. I also extended the challenge to a 5th grade teacher who has had similar frustrations with the Double Dutch world. Not soon after the challenge, she came in (with her colleagues of course) to show me a Flip video she took at recess. I figured it was going to be something bad or an incident that would prompt some investigating. On the contrary, it was a video of her DOING Double Dutch. To add insult to injury, she was waving at the camera, laughing, and jumping all at the same time!

This is the Jump


Recently, we had our annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event. I tried again and again for about 10 minutes.  A small audience gathered to see the principal trying to get in. Each time, nothing, just ropes hitting my face and shoulders. Kids tried to explain it to me. “When this one gets to the top, jump in with your right foot then immediately switch to jump with your left foot.” Guess what? It still didn’t work.


I figured I would do some research on this topic. I found that there are numerous “how to” web videos, web sites, etc. The first lady is actually able to Double Dutch!  I asked a former teacher to talk to me about her Double Dutch experiences.  I showed her my post. She said, “Your post brings back so many memories. I used to double Dutch…well, try to Double Dutch with my 5th graders.” She then asked me, “Did they advise you to “feel” the rhythm of the ropes?” “Well, of course they did,” I replied. She went on to say, “My kids (patiently) instructed me to watch, feel, listen, and move to the rhythm of the ropes…like music. After NUMEROUS attempts, their advice worked for me, and I finally got in. Learning how to Double Dutch taught me a lot about teaching them. Taking opportunities to learn from my students was some of the best Professional Development I ever had. If you want to find out how students learn best, give them the opportunity to teach you something you can’t do naturally…ENLIGHTENING!  Thank you for bringing back something I have forgotten.”

This is ... Not good



I figured I would put this out to the blog as an attempt get more HELP and eventually get into the Double Dutch world.


How many people can say they can Double Dutch?


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