Coming Back From Maternity Leave

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Any mom’s out there? Remember coming back from maternity leave? Each time it gets harder, right? Anyone have 3 and then come back to a completely different type of environment? @mrsbensonsbunch did!


She was on maternity leave since September and just returned on January 30th. When she returned, she found a SMART board in her room, and a principal who talked about blogging and tweeting. So what did she do?


After working with her very helpful (and thankfully still employed at our school) maternity leave replacement @Mrs_DeVita she learned how the SMART board worked, signed up for twitter and is developing a class blog. She hasn’t missed a beat.


One of the cool things that I noticed in her room was her Tweet Wall (above). When students want to share something, they get up, get a post-it and write their tweet. In fact, I tweeted the class after my recent observation.

Listening Center

I really enjoyed watching the students work with the listening center. Look at the rubric! They have to grade themselves on whether they are reading like a robot, like a news caster or a rock star. I asked one student and he knew that being a rock star was the best. 3rd grade!


So, to all of the moms who are coming back, going out, or simply “remember those days” here is to one who did it with panache!

2 thoughts on “Coming Back From Maternity Leave

  1. I forgot to mention that in addition to being out on maternity leave, she also had back surgery. When she returned, she was placed in a new grade.

  2. This is great! What an amazing educator and an incredible inspiration! Yes, it is tough, in many ways, to go back to work from maternity leave. However, it is also a great break from what happens at home as well. It is invigorating and energizing to go back to something new and exciting.

    I came back from maternity leave in July of last year (after having my 3rd child as well). At that time, I started my blog, got on twitter and began learning about things I hadn’t done. What a great way to start back to work!

    That’s great for this teacher, and I suspect she is getting out just as much as she is giving!


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