The reality of Augmented Reality (56:365)

pamm ar 2

Our Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Pamm Moore, experiencing an AR app

At a recent administrative meeting, we discussed Augmented Reality. Well, we discussed the concept of Augmented Reality and how we haven’t observed it during our walkthroughs. When I talked with my staff about the absence of Augmented Reality, I had one teacher decide that I would soon observe it in his classroom. True to form, I was invited to his classroom that Friday to experience Augmented Reality.


When I arrived at the class, there were AR codes all over the class. The teacher made sure that I was taught by a student how to find and utilize the AR codes. The 5th grade kids were prepping for later that day when they would teach 1st graders an app that integrated Augmented Reality. Mind blowing! As I solved the problems, and scanned the AR codes with an ipad, I “experienced” the answer. I could see it but I couldn’t touch it.


Simply coloring? Not anymore, that page comes to life through AR

Simply coloring? Not anymore, that page comes to life through AR

Later that day, I went back to the class and he had his 5th graders paired up with 1st graders. They were walking around the class, solving problems, scanning AR codes, and experiencing Augmented Realty. Honestly, the kids were less impressed then I was about the Augmented Realty. To them, they are often exposed to Augmented Reality outside of school. Drats! They have done it again… We are so behind the times!

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