Other People’s Children (173:365)

source: www.goodreads.com

source: www.goodreads.com

When I was in the doctoral program, I took a fantastic class titled Diversity in Education. One of the books I read, and have decided to re-read this summer is Other People’s Children by Lisa Delpit. I love the title.. think about it… Every day we are teaching other people’s children.


Without going into much detail of the book, my question is… do we realize this? Or have we become accustomed to teaching students and not realizing that they in fact other peoples children? Is this more pronounced when teachers are from another ethnic group then those they teach? Do we truly understand the cultural significant issues in the classroom as we attempt to teach math, language arts, or even physical education? What role does the principal play in developing a culture where cultural conflict is dealt with in a meaningful way?


All things I think about, and things I need to reflect on this summer.

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