Do We Know Enough About Differentiation? (178:365)



One of the hallmarks of the modern learning environment is the “differentiated classroom.” To the causal observer, a differentiated classroom may appear as if students are in groups, talking, or working on busy work. If done properly, differentiation allows teachers the ability to accomplish more then they could have ever imagined.


I saw this info-graphic on ASCD’s web site and it really struck a chord with me. The info-graphic highlights the common misconceptions of Differentiation. Here are the things that Differentiation is NOT:

– Incompatible with standards

– Dumbing down teachers

– Something extra on top of good teaching

– A set of instructional strategies

– synonym for group work

– IEPS for ALL


So what is Differentiation? According to Carol Tomlinson (2014):

– An environment that encourages and supports learning

– Quality curriculum

– Assessment that informs teaching and learning

– Instruction that responds to student variance

– Leading students and managing routines




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