Summer Colds (179:365)



Summer Colds are the WORST! I can understand getting sick in the winter, or even in the spring when all the pollen is in the air…. but the summer? Ugh! While everyone was recharging their batteries, swimming, exercising, etc. I have been coughing, aching, and sitting on the couch… Luckily, there is the World Cup to watch.


I did some research on the summer cold phenomenon… Turns out that the summer is the “real” time for yucky colds! According to a Wall Street Journal article, summer viruses can last longer, and wreck more havoc! Sometimes people feel that they can sweat out the cold, and this may lead to symptoms worsening.

Here is my advice, pay attention to your body! Just because we are in the summer doesn’t mean you can’t get sick…

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