Walking a Round (187:365)



I’ve been playing golf since I was 16 years old. When I first started, I walked every round. Step by step I walked and tried to get better (which is not an easy task). As time went on, and I graduated high school and college my focus with golf changed. I began driving the cart. This transition coincided with my increase in salary and my desire to “enjoy” golf more…. Or so I thought.


Today I was golfing with my brother-in-law and his colleague. They asked if we could walk the round. At first I was a bit taken aback… driving the cart saves time, energy, and well…. I haven’t walked a round for 20 years! My brother-in-law said that he has been walking rounds lately, and he ensured me that I would cover about 6 miles. Even though I was a little reluctant, I did it. Ironically, our round was not any slower. I didn’t necessarily play better, but I certainly enjoyed the experience.


I had a few take-aways from walking the round:

  • As you get older, it is extremely important to get exercise whenever, and wherever you can
  • Walking the course gave me a deeper appreciation of the rolling hills, sand traps and fairways
  • I walked about 6 miles and burned about 1500 calories 
  • Each step is as important as the last, and all propel you to the final destination
  • It’s cheaper to walk the course, and that makes it easier on the wallet 🙂
  • Take chances, risks, and the rewards will be forthcoming!


I am now looking forward to my next round… walking!


2 thoughts on “Walking a Round (187:365)

  1. I loved walking when i played in H.S. I find it easier to track down my ball now that I don’t play much and my shots are less predictable!

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