Uprooted (203:365)

Gathering the supplies for the make-over

Gathering the supplies for the make-over

When was the last time that you took your workspace (or home space) and completely changed it? It always sounds like a good idea, and the end result is usually better then when you started. The hardest part of the change is being displaced. For the past few days, I have been uprooted out of my office. No phone, computer, books, papers, or any other stuff….  I have to be honest, I feel very out of sorts! I admire those who don’t have an office (Patrick Larkin when he was a principal) because it is very difficult not having a home.


I understand that the uprooted feeling is part of the change process. It allows you to take stock of what is important regarding your personal and professional belongings. It requires you to also take the time to prepare for the new beginning. For me, I have had meetings, appointments while being displaced. I’ve kept myself busy assisting with the redesign of the office as much as I could. I have enjoyed painting, spackling and even washing the carpets. Now I am just waiting for everything to get back into place, so I can get back in place.


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