The Machine: Reading, Writing, and Math (242:365)



I just watched a 2013 TED Talk with Sugata Mitra. His talk was titled, The Granny Cloud. In the first few minutes, he made a very interesting connection to the current educational system, and more importantly, why it existed.


Think about this… prior to computes and the internet, what could aid communication over various parts of the world? They couldn’t call each other, and travel was not very feasible. They developed a system where everyone needed to write legibly, be able to read, and do math in their head. Basically, they developed a big machine made of people and process. Sounds familiar to school?


Yet, with the advent of computers and the internet, information is able to be transferred in a much different way…

It’s not about making the learning happen, it’s about allowing the learning to happen Sugata Mitra

Here are some questions I ponder…..

What is the best use of the educational system moving forward?
How can we allow learning to happen?
How will you allow self organized learning?

Take a few minutes to watch this TED talk:

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