Suggestions for the First Staff Meeting (241:365)



If you haven’t started planning for your first staff meeting of the year, now is the time. In the most recent PrincipalPLN episode, Theresa and I reviewed some suggestions to ensure your meeting goes well.

First Staff Meeting Ideas:
Pass the Buck
Notes to prepare for my first staff meeting (includes what we learned from What Great Principals Do Differently by Todd Whitaker)
Mr. Bean idea then have teachers “pack their suitcase”
Example of a staff meeting agenda
Personalities Matter–Tools
Example of agenda/plans for new teachers/mentor day
Flipped meetings
The First Five Days of School

Youtube Clips are always good to include: (go to presentation videos) (blog post with a few and links to other posts with videos)
The Fun Theory
Kid Snippets Too Sick for School (search youtube for other funny “Kid Snippets”)
Penguins (for teamwork)
What Teachers Make
When I Become a Teacher (use with new teachers)
Kid President: Pep Talk for Teachers and Students
The Principal Meltdown

Check out the episode:

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