Who inspires you? Hopefully your PLN (257:365)

Connected Leadership One of the hallmark benefits of social media, specifically twitter, is the establishment of the Personal Learning Network (PLN). With the click of a mouse you have instant access to educators throughout the world. I often say to people, “Oh, I have a friend in Colorado that opened a school, or I know a really good principal in Wisconsin (Actually I know several).”


I think some of my friends and family think it is strange that I “know” someone far across the country, but I do. More importantly, you can too.The PLN is an essential aspect to fostering a community of like-minded people around the globe. Another awesome benefit is that these good people inspire me! Whether they are posting a video, or participating in a twitter chat, or writing a blog post, I find myself a click away from being inspired.

Here are some of the people who inspire me to be better!

Peter DeWitt – If it wasn’t for Peter, I would not be where I am. He was a great principal, and is now a presenter, blogger, and consultant helping other educators be awesome

Eric Sheninger – Has blazed a trail for educators to connect and support each other. Taught us how to brand a school, and has inspired countless educators to become Digital Leaders

Kelly Tenkley – Kelly started her own school, blogs all the time, and is a wonderful resource

Thad Haines – Thad combines cross fit, mountain biking, and being a school leader like none other

Jeff Carpenter – Jeff is an awesome Professor in North Carolina. He is engaged in cutting edge research, connecting with other learners, and inspiring pre-service teachers

Daniel Krutka – Dan is  awesome Professor in Texas. Dan coordinates twitter chats, tweet-ups and inspires higher ed and K-12 through his involvement with Edcamps

Jessica Johnson – Jessica is an elementary Principal in Wisconsin. She is the co-host of the PrincipalPLN podcast, and is a tremendous blogger

Theresa Stager – Theresa is a K-8 principal in Michigan. She is also a co-host on PrincipalPLN podcast, is a voxer queen, and an amazing connector

Amber Teamann – Despite being a Cowboys fan, Amber is an ultra positive Vice Principal in Texas. She is a sought after presenter

Melinda Miller – Melinda has an innovative approach to educational leadership as an Elementary Principal. She blogs, tweets and inspires her school in Missouri

Brad Gustafson – Brad is an elementary principal in Minnesota. He has a creative, unique and always positive approach to school leadership

Ben Gilpin – Ben is an elementary principal in Michigan. He is a great presenter, and inspires many through his school blog

Curt Rees – Curt is an elementary principal in Wisconsin. Besides being a recess kickball legend, Curt is a blogger, podcaster, and technology guru


Each one of these amazing educators assisted me, and inspired me to write my first book Connected Leadership: It’s a Click Away. They are all featured in the book and I could not have done it without them! Please be sure to connect with them and make them part of your PLN!


I have learned so much from them, and they are all valuable resources 🙂

One thought on “Who inspires you? Hopefully your PLN (257:365)

  1. Spike,

    The power of the PLN is something that is truly hard to explain. If you are not a connected educator you often don’t understand the benefits.

    I have watched and learned from my PLN for the last couple years. I would not be the person I am today without their influence, support and encouragement.

    Spike you are a valuable part of my PLN. Your daily posts are phenomenal and your walkthrough/observation ability is unmatched. I always think of you when I push myself to be more prevalent in classrooms.

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