Benefits of Halloween (303:365)

photo by Stephanie Muhlbaier

photo by Stephanie Muhlbaier

I am amazed every year how the interest in Halloween grows (and I am not just talking kids). The lead up to Halloween is filled with excitement, costume planning, scary movies, and lots of activities. Kids and adults spend time in corn mazes, haunted hayrides, and carving pumpkins. In schools, we generally have activities that coincide with the lead up to Halloween.


In our school, planning for the Fall Frolic and Halloween Parade begins in the summer. We select dates, chairs for each of the committees, and people volunteer to begin making decorations. It is serious community engagement. We average between 400 – 450 people each Frolic, and about 100 parents at our parade. In fact, I would say that the Halloween activities at our school are the top opportunities for parent and community engagement.


Each year we continue to top ourselves. We try new things, and work to make it a better experience for the kids. As parents and students leave the Halloween events they are so thankful, appreciative, and report such positive comments about the events. They love seeing the hard work from the staff. They love our energy, and how serious we take it.



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