Stone Cold Dedication (10:365)



I am sure by now you have heard of the polar vortex. It goes without saying that most of the country has been dealing with it this week. Along with the vortex, there have been many school closings in the Midwest, delays, and problems with heating units (see my previous post on what happened to us). For New Jersey, this was the coldest week in years! We stayed open for business!


During this polar vortex situation, I thought about the kids at my school. With record lows well beyond the normal winter average, they bundled up an walked to school. Even on the coldest of days, the kids still walked in. Some of them walked about a mile to our school. To me that is dedication. I get to drive to work and the only time I spent outside was scurrying from the car to the building, and the car to the house. It was freezing!!!


Not only am I proud of those students who walked in the bitter cold to attend our school, I am inspired. They are so dedicated to learning, and what we have to offer that they went above and beyond to walk through the pain, cold, and wind. Something brought them to us, something deep down inside…. Stone Cold Dedication!

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