The twitter inspired post… (29:365)

Every once in awhile I am going to turn to a random tweet and respond on the blog. For this one, I closed my eyes, scrolled down through my personal feed and pointed.


And the winner is…..  Derek McCoy who tweeted “How do parents think educational screen time effects learning? The link was to an article in Mind/Shift by Tina Barseghian.


There was a survey of 1,577 parents of kids ages 2 – 10. According to the results, there were some interesting findings.

Parents surveyed said they considered nearly half (44 percent) of their kids’ screen media use as educational. That amounts to 56 minutes out of a total 2:07 screen media per day. And more than half (57 percent) say their kids are actually learning from the educational media they consume, and take action after consuming it. For example, about a third of kids engage in imaginative play, and more than a quarter ask questions about what they watched or played, though only 18 percent asked their parents to plan a project or an activity inspired by that media. But as kids get older, their habits start to change — away from consuming more educational media.


I found it interesting that TV is still considered king. In my house, the kids (ages 6 and 9) are mostly watching their content on their personal learning devices (ipod and ipad). The content is usually created by other kids who are not in the “industry.” The article also discusses the similarities and differences of those surveyed by race and economic status. In the conclusion, there are some interesting graphs from the Cooney Center.


Thanks again to Derek for tweeting the article and winning the first “twitter inspired post.”

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