Do you know the Web Genie? (66:365)



Recently I was sitting with my daughter and she was so excited to show me a website. “Daddy, you have to help me guess a character!” She was on the website Akinator. So I began to play the game with her. She asked me to think of someone famous and I asked he if I said it out loud, would the Great Akinator hear me? She laughed and said no!


The first character I thought of was Brad Pitt. He is one of my favorite actors, and has starred in some of my favorite movies. As we played the game, the Great Akinator asked us questions that could be answered: yes, no, don’t know, probably or probably not. Sure enough, after a few questions the Great Akinator showed us a picture… you guessed it… Brad Pitt.


Then I went through a bunch of more obscure choices such as Genghis Khan, William S. Burroughs, Jesus, and Joe Rogan…. The Great Akinator got them all correct!


According to the website, the Great Akinator uses a mathematical algorithm to determine your character based on your responses. I think this site could be a good opportunity to help students understand deductive questioning, while blowing their minds. I plan to use it in the upcoming Talent Show…. Until then, keep guessing

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