Dirty Laundry (123:365)

Source "Finding Favour"

Source “Finding Favour”

I have written a few times on this blog about Social Venting. I find it difficult to take when people vent on Social Media. I don’t feel that it is appropriate. It doesn’t solve anything. Unlike a conversation with a trusted friend or relative, Social Media does not go away. Your Digital Footprint follows you, and it reveals a lot about you.


In education, we teach the students to “pause before they post” or “wait 24 hours.” We teach about how important a positive Digital Footprint is, and how it can help you in the future. There are countless exercises designed to show kids the power of Social Media, and how essential it is be a positive member of the community.


Adults on the other hand have not seemed to have learned these lessons…. I see posts about a bad day, getting cut off in the car, how much they hate their boss, someone leaves them, they get the wrong order at a restaurant and BOOM it is posted on Social Media. Then, their “friends” chime in and it goes on and on and on…..  What does it solve?



My advice is to throw your dirty laundry in the basket, not on Social Media…


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