Potential for Change (135:365)

Source: blog.zerodean.com

Source: blog.zerodean.com

Eventually, everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Nothing. With that said, no one likes change… It is one of the most ironic dichotomies of life. In fact, I know why most principals do not want to enact systemic change… it is really hard! In the next few weeks, our elementary school will experience lots of changes… Teachers will be assigned to new grade levels, new classrooms, and new curricula. The changes are based on two notions… getting the people in the right seats on the bus (Collins, 2001), and addressing continuous improvement.


As I go through this process, I will ensure everyone that these changes are designed to improve the school, and our most precious customers… the students. I am also sure, as a reflective educator, that I will report out on how these changes are accepted (or not) and how our school benefits.

Change is neither good nor bad, it simply is Don Draper 



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