How do you teach your kids? (180:365)

Our first night match

Our first night match

Ok, I think it is safe to say that I have taught many children in my life…. But when it comes to my own, it is certainly not as easy! For instance, I just purchased Tennis rackets for the kids so we can play one of my favorite sports. I want them to like it, maybe even love it. I’ve always enjoyed playing. I can remember playing with my mom, my friends as a kid. I played all the way (never in a league, just for fun) through high school, college and into my 20’s…. Then, like a lot of things, it just stopped. Fast forward to being 40, wanting to get back into it, and trying to get my own kids interested.


So, how do you teach your own kids? Well, I teach them the way they learn! I know that each of my children are their own person, charged with their personal learning style. My son wants to learn everything and then just “play.” He is hands-on and asks a lot of questions. My daughter, on the other hand, needs to see an example (which is usually why the ball goes right by her as she watches the other players on the other courts). Yet, once she understands, she can repeat, adapt and have fun with her new skills.


I know Dad’s can be tough on their kids, and I try not to. I never want to live vicariously through my children, as often is the case… I just want them to enjoy it, or not.

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