Why we do what we do! Thanks @ChrisWejr (181:365)

source: Chris Wejr

source: Chris Wejr

I saw this quote on Facebook from my friend Chris Wejr. I consider Chris a friend even though I have never met him in person, and only skyped with him one time in 2012 (for this blog post).

Chris and I have a lot in common even though we are literally thousands of miles away from each other. Yet, from his posts, his videos I feel like I know him. None of this would have been possible without our participation in Social Media.

As connected educators, we learn from each other all the time, and we are always seeking to be better, do better! When I saw this quote, I asked Chris if I could post in the blog, and of course he said, “Go for it!”

Social Media provides excellent opportunities to share! Want to get connected? Come on board… we have been waiting for you!



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