First 5 Days: Day 5 (238:365)




Alan November and his November Learning Team have created an amazing series based on the First Five Days of School. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Alan’s keynotes and workshops. He is an inspiration. I have learned a great deal from him.


This is the last post about what I learned from the November Learning Team regarding the First Five Days.


Day 5 – So the first 5 days is not able setting the rules? Well, yes and no. The way I see it, and what I have learned from the First 5 Days, is that this time should be dedicated to establishing the learning environment for the classroom. It is crucial to learn about the learners, and to develop a rapport. Of course there are opportunities to review the expectations (rules are meant to be broken). The students should understand, and even help develop the expectations.


What do you think?

Be sure to check out the November Learning website for additional resources! Connect with other educators on twitter using the hashtag #first5days


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